Smile design; to reach the best smile everyone wishes to have.

Smile design is a term that is used to define the treatment methods used by dentists for the patients. Aesthetics of the Pink Aesthetics are taken into consideration in smile design treatment. The first step is to perform a photograph simulation study in order to determine what should be the gingiva level and which teeth will be included in the design operations. Afterwards, the tooth, gingiva and bone levels of the patient will be assessed using clinical and radiological equipment in order to clarify the treatment plan.

The number of sessions depends on the current status of the patient and the treatments to be performed. The treatment can be performed in only one session or can be extended to multiple weeks.

As MestCare we would like to reiterate that we collaborate with the highest quality JCI approved hospitals in Turkey who employ the best surgeons and utilise state of the art technology as well as FDA and CE approved materials with best facilities and would like to point out with peace of mind that you can trust us about your entire treatment process and health.