An implant is a synthetic root for a tooth placed into the jawbone using titanium, a material which has no adverse effect on human health, in order to restore the function and aesthetic look of teeth lost due to any reason.

Implanting is a surgical operation performed under local anaesthesia. It consists of the placement of a screw made of titanium into the existing space of tooth. After placement of the screw the gingiva incised to allow access to the bone. Healing between the placed implant and the surrounding bone takes several months. After this time is passed, the implant cap is removed, and a header is placed on the implant tip to shape the gingiva. After the gingiva is shaped, the measurements are taken and a zirconium or porcelain tooth is prepared and installed onto the implant tip.

Implant surgery is performed by our dentists using the Fax and Fixed method in 2 stages. In the 1st stage implanting is completed in 1 day, following this surgical procedure the patient can complete the “healing process" in a minimum of 3 months. The 2nd stage consists of the crowning treatment. This stage depends on the number of crowns and gingival compatibility of the patient.

An implant process is counted among surgical operations that can affect life quality. As MestCare we collaborate with the highest quality JCI approved hospitals in Turkey that employ the best physicians and utilise state of the art technology as well as FDA and CE approved materials with best facilities and techniques in order to ensure high satisfaction and best results in our implant treatments.