Diabetes Surgery (Ileal Interposition Operation) is a digestive system surgery aimed to restore metabolism. This operation helps to lower blood sugar levels effectively without significant weight loss in the patient. The main goal is an effective reduction in blood sugar levels.

Ileal Interposition Operation is a surgical treatment method developed for treatment of Type 2 Diabetes from the beginning. In addition to Type 2 Diabetes, the metabolic syndrome definition also includes hypertension, hyperlipidaemias (high cholesterol and triglyceride) and excessive weight. All elements of Metabolic Syndrome can be treated with Ileal Interposition Operation.

At its roots, Ileal Interposition Operation is not an obesity surgery. It is a type of surgery aimed at all of the medical problems in the scope of Metabolic Syndrome, especially targeting treatment of Type 2 Diabetes. Therefore, obesity is not among the criteria for Ileal Interposition surgery. However, Ileal Interposition surgery should not be mistaken for surgical methods used in treatment of obesity and morbid obesity which cause heavy absorption disorders, e.g. Mini Gastric Bypass (Single Anastomose Gastric Bypass), Roux-Y Gastric Bypass (Stomach Bypass), BPD (Biliopancreatic Diversion) ± DS (Duodenal Switch) and DJB (Duodenojejunal Bypass).

The operation takes approximately 1 hour. However, this method increases the speed of post-op recovery. You can be discharged in 3-4 days and return to work in 10 days.

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