Mest Travel is your optimal solution if you want to find out how to choose best hospital in the world or which doctor performs the surgery for the most affordable cost. We strive to ensure that taking advantage of medical tourism, you weren’t left with any question marks. Therefore we share with you all useful information, such as the course of treatment, medical experience, availability of dates for admission, etc. We are always ready to prepare all the necessary documents as well. Thus, you will enjoy the comfort of treatment without any extraneous thoughts.


  • Medical Second Opinion
  • Advice for information on MRIs, radiology and laboratory
  • Providing advice on treatment services and its stages in different centers in terms of location of treatment, treatment rates, medical treatment and side services.
  • Advice on requesting a discount for foreign patients
  • Providing advice on the provision of medicines and medical equipment needed by patients
  • Advice on accommodation
  • Providing advice on visiting sights and shopping malls