Failure of hair growth during the puberty period, hair loss or hair thinning in beard and moustache areas due to accidents or infections can cause aesthetic or psychological concerns. To provide people with comfort and self-confidence in such situations the FUE method can be utilised to graft the patient’s own hair follicles.

Hair on areas like moustaches, beards and eyebrows on the face have unique follicle angles. These angles must be taken into consideration during transplantation. Hairs in unwanted areas like upper cheeks or lower neck areas can be collected as grafts and transplanted to more desired areas.

After application reddening can be seen around the transplanted follicles due to increase vascularisation. This is a temporary condition therefore the patient does not need to worry about it. During the first 3-4 weeks the transplanted hairs will fall, and new hair will grow in 8-10 weeks. Moustache and beard hair that continues to grow after transplantation can be shortened with scissors after 15 days or left to grow. The first shaving should preferably be done at least 1 month after the roots are sufficiently attached.