The world is full of miracles, beauties, and places to discover…

To swim in the deep blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, to witness the wildlife in a 
safari in Africa and to tour around an ancient city in India are among the greatest 
experiences a person can dream of...

Likewise, success of a perfectly managed and efficient business trip, a quality overseas 
training organization which meets expectations, or an international company event which has met the objectives is vital for businesspeople and corporates. 

Mest Group successfully adapts its healthcare organizations that it carries out in 4 continents

into holiday, culture and business tourism fields. In addition to traditional services such as flight tickets, hotel reservations and car rental; Mest Tourism gathers products and services such as corporate travel plans and organizations under a single roof. With its team of experts in the field of tourism, Mest Tourism provides services with satisfaction oriented business model to its customers who would like to know new cultures and new people, to different 
experiences and conduct successful business trips and organizations. Mest Group follows the ever-evolving dynamic tourism world closely, and shines out with its unique services. 
It also provides all tourism customers around the world with healthcare and assistance 
services, and protects them at every step they take. 

Just dream, act and discover… With its travel services, Mest Travel will be there 
with you throughout your travel...